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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — A Boulder woman says she survived a moose attack by playing dead.

Diane Israel said she was hiking early Sunday morning when she encountered a cow moose.

“She just saw me and she just went nuts on me,” Israel said.

The 61-year-old said she had forgotten her headlamp when their paths crossed.

“She took her hooves and she kicked me for quite a bit. She took her snout and her head and smashed me in my head,” Israel said.

She says the entire attack lasted close to 15 minutes.

Israel suffered a broken wrist and injuries to her spine. She also has a deep gash above her ankle, which she said came from the moose’s hoof.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said this is the second human-moose encounter near Winter Park in less than a week.

If you see a moose, CPW says the animal will not yield to humans. Instead, people should keep their distance and find a tree, rock or car for cover.

Israel said she is still a bit shaken: “I saw a rock this morning, and I thought it was a moose!”

She vows to return to the high country to admire and respect wildlife.