SUPERIOR, Colo. (KDVR) – As the rebuild begins Superior, Louisville and unincorporated Boulder County, so too rises the new housing market, with plenty of inventory.

On Wednesday, the first listing was posted for sale in the Sagamore neighborhood. It may look like damaged lots to some, but for those who saw the aftermath of the Marshall Fire, they see a potential return on their investment.

“That may be the right decision for them,” said Carole Walker, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Insurance Association.

Walker said it is a chance to remind potential sellers what they need now.

“They (need to) understand all the insurance questions and answers and then what they’ll still be responsible for,” Walker said. “It is not the market value, but the cost to repair and rebuild, in today’s dollar, is what you’re insured for,” she said.

Walker said to expect an initial payment, with potentially more to follow, after you work with a contractor to determine the cost to rebuild.

“Those insurance dollars won’t be paid out until you do move elsewhere, or you do rebuild elsewhere,” Walker said.

If you are filing an insurance claim and selling your lot of land remember that your payout pays, in part, for restoring that very lot.

“The land, the foundation and debris removal is attached to your insurance and your rebuilding costs,” Walker said, explaining that taking an insurance claim should not affect your ability to get coverage for another property in the future.