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LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies have recovered a vehicle stolen from a family after losing their home in the Marshall Fire. 

Last week the red SUV was stolen from a hotel in Westminster where Ryan and Nicole Fazio were staying. Their home in Superior’s Rock Creek neighborhood burned down just days earlier. 

“The car was like the last comfort zone that I had,” Nicole Fazio said. 

While it was difficult to lose their remaining vehicle, the thieves also got away with the only keepsakes the Fazio’s managed to save from their home. 

“Those tubs were the last photos of my late mother,” Ryan Fazio said. 

On Thursday, they got the call they didn’t think would come. 

“He looks at his phone and its caller ID is blocked, which no one answers,” Nicole Fazio said. “And then I hear, well hello officer.”

It was the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office telling the couple they had located and recovered their vehicle near 38th and Wadsworth. 

“I’m sure it’s damaged a little bit. I’m sure they took it for a joy ride. I don’t expect it to be pristine but I can fix almost anything on it,” Nicole Fazio siad. 

The bins containing their family photos were still in the back. 

“For us to actually be able to get them out [of the house] was great. To lose them was absolutely horrible. But to get them back again is like, it’s like hitting the lottery,” Ryan Fazio said. 

“It’s like…we just found a bag with a million dollars is basically how I feel because you can’t replace something that doesn’t exist,” Nicole Fazio said. 

They credit the community’s interest in their story for helping recover their vehicle and photos. 

“To have thousands of people across everywhere on this rollercoaster with us was unlike anything,” Ryan Fazio said.