LOUISVILLE, Colo. (KDVR) — A group of local business owners and community owners in Louisville opened up a free store off McCaslin Blvd for families impacted by the Marshall Fire that tore through Boulder County.

“In terms of how long we will be here? Until we are no longer needed here. I have this space indefinitely,” Eric Reed, a local business owner in Louisville and who pushed to open the Marshall Fire Free Store at 375 McCaslin Blvd. said.

Reed owns Acme Fine Goods in town and used his knowledge of retail to open the Marshall Fire Free Store in a former hair salon space that had been sitting empty for several years.

“Obviously everyone is concerned of people taking advantage, but right now the generosity facet is wide open,” Reed said.

Through connections with large retail companies and donations from community members, the free store is organized by size and style for those looking to come shop. Everything inside is free. When you walk in, a volunteer will hand you a bag to fill and you can always request more.

“You come in and you realize you don’t have anything,” Reed said.

Many of these people are familiar faces to Reed and volunteers.

“Today, I saw the kindergarten teacher who had both my kids, and she lost everything,” Reed said.

The store also has basic necessities like cleaning supplies, hygiene products, food, water, school supplies and toys.

“There is a sense of dignity that is lost when having to go and dig through stuff, everything you can see here is organized,” Reed said.  

As of right now, unless items are brand new, the store is no longer taking physical donations. But they are looking for daily food donations, to hand out to costumers coming in to shop. They also need volunteers to come and work the shop. To sign up to volunteer click HERE.