BVSD students start petition to delay start of school following Marshall Fire

Marshall Fire

BOULDER COUNTY — Students in the Boulder Valley School District are expected to return to school Wednesday following winter break and the Marshall Fire.

“This isn’t something that just affected a few of us. It affected all of us,” Emma Hecht, a sophomore at Centaurus High School said.

Hecht, along with Kai Nelson, a freshman at Monarch High School, started a petition to delay the start of school in the district to help families who lost everything in the fires.

“It won’t even have been a week since the fire. All we are asking is for a few more days to get back into a sense of rhythm,” Hecht said.

Representatives with the district said they hear the students and understand. Randy Barber, the chief communications officer with BVSD, said Wednesday won’t be about academics.

According to the district’s website:

Our hearts remain with all of you. 

As you may know, my family and I call Louisville home – and our house was in the evacuation zone. I, however, cannot imagine the loss being experienced by families whose homes have been significantly damaged or that are a complete loss. This is something that will take time to heal and recover from – and, as I have said before, the entire Boulder Valley School District stands with you and will be with you however long it takes.

Since my update last night I have visited the majority of the schools in the fire zone. I have also heard from a number of families and students regarding our decision to reopen. 

What I want you to know is that we are opening schools on Wednesday because schools are the center of our community and we need to be there to support those who need it. 

This is not about academics. We are not opening up our schools on Wednesday to jump in to lessons. We are opening up our schools because our students and community need us during this difficult time. 

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The fire that sparked Thursday burned more than 6,200 acres and destroyed nearly 1,000 structures across Superior, Louisville and unincorporated Boulder County.

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