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SUPERIOR, Colo. (KDVR) — People whose homes were destroyed or damaged during the Marshall Fire were given a little comfort Monday, courtesy of the Superior Chamber of Commerce.  Free lunch was provided for anyone who wanted to eat.

Todd Henricksen and his family of six live in the Rock Creek subdivision in Superior. Their home did not burn but still was hit with thousands of dollars of damage. Still, he considers himself and his family among the lucky ones.

“We feel incredibly fortunate. We have some friends, just right across the road from us that lost their home. We are close, but just enough to be safe, so we feel incredibly fortunate,” Henricksen said.

As lunch continued, construction workers and folks who were just hungry stopped by the little yellow burger bus.

Plenty of patties were available, courtesy of the Superior Chamber of Commerce and Burger Bus owner David Sevcik.

“Everyone seems to be in good spirits, you know they are just trying to get back to normal,” Sevcik said.

The roadside lunch was free to those who lost homes in the fire, to those affected by the fire, and to anybody who just stopped by.

“It’s nice, it brings you home, comfort, you know that’s the biggest thing it’s just the comfort, not having to worry for at least three or four hours,” Sevcik said.

That would be three hours, well spent.