Boulder man reunited with missing tropical bird he believed was dead

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BOULDER, Colo. — Police said Friday that with the help of social media, the owner of a lost bird has been located. Tesla, a 4-year-old Sun Conure, was found up a tree near Folsom Street and 26th Avenue in Boulder.

The bird’s name was initially reported as Lucky.

Before the owner was found, police launched the rescue effort with help from neighbors.

“A resident called dispatch and said ‘I just came out of my house and I’m heading to work and there’s a tropical bird in my tree,'” said Taylor Barnes of Boulder Police Animal Control. “My main concern was the inclement weather because it was so cold.”

When he arrived, Barnes climbed the tree and rescued the bird. The Sun Conure was taken in and cared for by the Boulder Valley Humane Society until Tesla’s owner came forward.

Earlier in the day, the bird’s owner unsuccessfully searched for Tesla in the same area before leaving, mistakenly believing the bird had been killed by crows.

Officials with the BVHS spread the word on social media, offering a description of the bird and the fact that the Sun Conure “loves sunflower seeds.”

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