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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — There were some emotional moments Tuesday as volunteers began taking down a memorial outside the King Soopers in Boulder where 10 people were killed in March

At different points, those volunteers were brought to tears as they carefully removed each item. You could see the emotions of the volunteers in front of the store Tuesday. 

Every time they worked on a piece tied to the fence, they treated it like a precious work of art. Everything that is an expression of love will now be preserved.  

For more than two months now, the chain link fence has been a place people could come and remember. It became a sidewalk shrine. It’s a place to remember the 10 people killed at the King Soopers.  

Each tiny knot, flower, stone, card and intricately designed tribute began to come down. 

“Somebody put a lot of thought into this. We want to make sure it stays as close to as it was when it was placed on the fence,” said Museum of Boulder Administrator Jen Lomeli. 

The goal is to preserve thousands of tributes and messages from strangers.  

Just being here, is still tough.  

“I don’t even want to talk it makes me cry but it also makes me happy that people cared so much,” said one volunteer.  

They are separating every piece and carefully handling mementos to those lost is a meticulous labor of love.  

“We’re trying to avoid sending things to landfill as much as we can,” said Curator of Collections, Museum of Boulder Chelsea Pennington Hahn.  

All this will make up a memorial. 

Hundreds of years from now, these notes from strangers will be read by more strangers, perhaps trying to make sense out of one of the darkest days in Boulder’s history.  

All this taking place as King Soopers plans to remodel the entire store.