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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — The Boulder County District Attorney said he will file additional first degree attempted murder charges against the accused King Soopers shooter within the coming weeks because he fired shots at police officers who were trying to stop the attack.

According to DA Michael Dougherty, officers from Boulder Police and from the University of Colorado Boulder “charged into the store and immediately faced a very significant amount of gunfire from the shooter, who at first, they were unable to locate, and they put their lives at risk.”

Investigators accused Alissa of using the Ruger AR556 pistol he legally purchased at an Arvada gun shop, Eagles Nest Armory, days before the attack, during the shooting. They said he also carried a 9mm pistol into the store, but that he did not appear to have fired that weapon.

“The ATF and FBI have done a tremendously thorough investigation into the guns he had on him that day and other guns that might be connected to him,” said Dougherty.

Why did this shooting happen?

Many questions still remain, or at least have not been publicly answered, including what the alleged shooter’s motive was.

“Like the rest of the community, we too want to know why? Why that King Soopers? Why Boulder? Why Monday? And unfortunately at this time, we still don’t’ have those answers,” said Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold.

“I think the victims’ families, and the community are desperate to know the motive. We want to know the motive,” said Dougherty.

Herold described the lack of a motive currently as haunting for everyone. “Sometimes you just don’t figure things out, but I’m hoping we will.”

The Arvada search

The Problem Solvers have learned at least two people were contacted during a high-risk stop at a King Soopers store at 15200 W 64th Ave, in Arvada on Monday evening, the night of the shooting, in connection with the Boulder shooting investigation.

A spokesperson for Arvada Police could not say whether any evidence was collected or which agency led the search.

The Arvada store has candles and flowers on display at the front of the store in honor of the Boulder victims.