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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — An artist known for his creative rock balancing ability has constructed a powerful memorial to the victims in Monday’s shooting.

Michael Grab, known as “Gravity Glue,” started building the creation Tuesday.

Grab has been creating displays like this for 13 years, and has a knack for finding unique and creative approaches to make sure rocks of all shapes and sizes lock together.

“My relationship with rock balancing, it’s always been this transient, meditative art form,” he says. “So for me, it just felt like the natural thing to do.”

Grab started working on his latest self-titled ‘Boulerites’ on Tuesday as a way to grieve following the tragic shooting.

“It was the obvious thing to do, to build 10 Boulderites, to honor the loss of life that happened,” Grab said.

Over the past few days people have stumbled upon the installation, with many staying to watch his work for hours on end. Lisa Fairman was walking down the Boulder Creek Path when she came across Grab putting together his latest series of artwork.

“I didn’t expect towers of rocks, to feel so alive,” Fairman said. “I thought I would stay for 10 or 15 minutes, and wound up clearing my day and staying for five hours.”

“He was putting the last rock on the last tower, and the whole scene hit me all at once, and I just burst into tears,” Fairman said.

Grab says the memorial will likely only last for a few days. He says even the smallest vibrations can send a tower tumbling.

“I built it in this way so that it will at least last for a few days so people can experience it in person,” Grab said.

Grab asked us not to release the exact location of the installation, but he says people who can’t find it can message him on social media by searching “Gravity Glue.”

His post on Facebook said, “Memorial for the 10 “Boulderites” who died Monday ❤️🥀#Boulderstrong#BoulderShooting#bouldercolorado#madewithlove#gravityglue
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