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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Hundreds, if not thousands, of flowers now fill the fence line in front of the King Soopers where 10 people were killed Monday afternoon. 

“I think everybody comes to a space like this for a different reason. You see some people praying, you see some people maybe putting up a sign for someone that they knew,” a visitor at the memorial told FOX31. 

She grew up in Boulder and used to shop at the Table Mesa King Soopers with her grandmother. 

“I think when it’s a place that you know or a grocery store aisle that you walked down it sort of snaps you out of the autopilot a little bit,” she said. 

While she didn’t know any of the victims, many at the memorial did. 

“The workers, I can remember them and they’re all so sweet,” Fairview High School student Devin Murphy said. “They didn’t know me but every single time I would go in I could recognize them.”

Like so many others, she added flowers to the fence as a tribute to the 10 lives lost. 

“It’s beautiful to see the community come together like this…But it’s also sad that this is the reason that everyone is coming to town,” Murphy said. 

The memorial, which now stretches nearly the length of the store has become a place of mourning for hundreds of people. It is filled with messages, flowers, candles, crosses and other tokens dedicated to the victims.