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DENVER (KDVR) — As of March 30, the Colorado Healing Fund has raised $2.7 million in donations: $1 million from a King Soopers commitment; $400,000 from corporations and foundations; and $1.32 million from individual donations.

The nonprofit set up a specific donation center to help the surviving victims’ families and survivors of the King Soopers shooting immediately following the tragedy. The fund is secure so that those who donate know they are giving directly to those who need it and were affected.

A combined total initial distribution of $415,000 has already been given to surviving families of victims as well as to 15 survivors who were in the store the store that day. Funds totaling $40,000 have been given to victims’ loved ones to travel to Colorado.

“We hope to help relieve the financial pressure on victims’ families so they can focus on planning final tributes, telling their loved ones’ stories and celebrating their lives,” said Colorado Healing Fund Board Chair Cynthia Coffman.

Future contributions will be made based on the needs of those directly affected by the King Soopers shooting.

If you would like to donate to the Colorado Healing Fund visit

You can also text COLORADO to 20222 to give a $20 donation.