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BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — As the Boulder community continues to heal in the wake of the mass shooting on March 22, a nearby church is doing what it can to help.

Boulder Mennonite Church is putting their faith into action, turning swords into plowshares, and literally transforming guns into garden tools.

“There’s just something that comes over people. They want to keep hammering. It doesn’t just bring out our compassion. It brings out our anger as well. We’re angry about the senselessness of something like this,” said Randy Spaulding, the church’s pastor.

The church sits right across the street from the King Soopers where the shootings occurred.

That’s one reason the church decided to turn its Good Friday vigil into something a little unusual this year, by inviting the foundation RawTools to help turn donated weapons into gardening tools.

The foundation began in Colorado Springs in 2013 and has traveled the country helping those affected by gun violence.

“We often say we go from semi-automatic to mattock,” said Mike Martin, the group’s founder.

It takes about an hour to turn a weapon into a spade or shovel.

“Each type of gun will give us a different tool,” explained Martin. “It works for a lot of people to kind of get that psychological pain and grief out.”

“There’s no better time to do something that brings a bit of healing, a bit of physical catharsis to people, sort of take something that’s caused so much destruction and just hammer the hell out of it,” said Spaulding.