WARD, Colo. (KDVR) – The victim of a moose attack in the high country Tuesday morning shared her amazing story.

Chris Ray said she’s lucky to be alive after getting trampled by a moose several times then making the brave walk back to her home to get help.

Ray takes walks along the South Saint Vrain trailhead near Ward.

“I see moose sometimes,” Ray said, “When I see them, I turn around and come home.”

Ray saw one Wednesday morning on a walk with her dog Nala.

“It was maybe like falling off a two-story building,” Ray said.

The attack, Ray said, happened less than a quarter mile into the trail.

“The moose broke three of my vertebrae in my back and one of my ribs and also did a lot of soft tissue damage, especially around my kidney,” Ray said.

Before the attack, Ray said her and Bala heard the same noise on the trail.

“I heard an ‘oo’ again and I turned around to look and a moose was charging us from the rear,” Ray said.

In an attempt to evade the moose, Ray got herself caught in wire.

“(I) turned away from her trying to get behind the nearest tree, but I tripped over some barbed wire that I didn’t even know was there,” Ray said.

That barbed wire cut her up pretty bad just before the moose trampled over her.

“(It) just ran over me and then ran over me again and then was coming back for a third time when I scrambled behind a tree,” Ray said.

The moose then went for Nala, whose leash was tangled in the barbed wire.

“What she did was she just stayed real alert and when the moose charged her she would just step aside at the last second and she did that three times and the moose never got her,” Ray said.

The heart-pounding attack left Ray badly beaten, but her motivation to go home was something she believes she shared with the moose.

“That was a mom moose defending her baby,” Ray said, “I think that’s what it was and I wanted to get back home to see my baby too, so I got myself down that trail and I just wanted to see him, I was so excited to see him.”

Outside of her home, Ray has seen moose approach her windows. Her own face to face was a terrifying ordeal she won’t forget.

“They’re really dangerous animals and they get angry about things, just like we do,” Ray said, “And they’ll come after you.”

Ray said it may be a year until she’ll feel the same again.