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BOULDER, Colo. — “Human beings need touch, and the lack of a romantic partner shouldn’t prevent us from receiving such wonderful medicine,” writes a San Francisco-based company called Cuddle Therapy.

It seems a new company in Boulder shares that sentiment, now offering one-on-one and group sessions that provide customers with the opportunity to partake in non-sexual touching.

Like most modern medication, cuddle therapy is going to cost you. To be exact, $60 an hour is the going rate to spend some personal time with one of Be The Love You Are’s eight “Snuggle Stars.”

And according to the Boulder Daily Camera, price doesn’t appear to be an object to Boulder resident Chris DeCicco’s growing list of customers. DeCicco, who got out of technology sales to start Be The Love You Are, tells the newspaper his “Snuggle Stars” cuddle with as many as 10 clients a week.

Be The Love You Are also offers snuggle parties that involve about 50 people — most of whom are reportedly strangers.

Sound a little fishy? It did to Boulder County child psychologist Don McCaleb at first. That was until he joined in one of the snuggle parties himself.

McCaleb told the Daily Camera he has a neurological disorder that causes his lands and legs to tremor. Not only did he leave the snuggle party feeling totally relaxed, he said he could barely notice the tremors up to several hours after he left.

While he has no scientific proof suggesting it was snuggling that led to the reduction in his tremors, McCaleb told the newspaper he suspects a combination of endorphins and relaxation led to the temporary improvement in his condition.

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