Bizarre note given to second-grader by teacher angers girl’s father

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AURORA, Colo. — Even the school now admits a note that a teacher passed to a 7-year-old girl at Aurora Academy Charter School was inappropriate.

The teacher is not being named because bad judgment isn’t a crime.

The fourth grade teacher passed the note to  a second grade student on the playground. The student is not in his class.

The note contained bizarre pictures of the teacher with his tongue out and casually used the teacher’s first name. He called the student names like “stinky butt.”

“Kind of a peculiar letter from a teacher,” the student’s father, Cary Reed, said.

Reed has some experience with law enforcement and said the note raised red flags.

“As I read over the letter, it was concerning since it had the teacher’s face and he was using pet names to refer to her,” he said. “We felt it was inappropriate and grooming behaviors.”

Reed said he wasn’t sure what to do until the next school day when the teacher gave his daughter another note.

This note had more pictures and continued to use what the father called “grooming behavior.” It included a poem asking for the girl’s “friendship” and thoughts like “you make me smile.”

“At that point, we felt like we needed to address it with the school,” Reed said.

Reed said Aurora Academy  Charter School promised a full investigation but after just one day wrote him back saying, “(the teacher) understands his behavior was inappropriate. He assures me it will not happen again.”

Reed wasn’t satisfied.

“Given the concerning nature of the situation we just wanted the school to be a little bit more proactive,” he said.

FOX31 Denver Problem Solvers reached out to the school questioning the teacher’s judgment. The Aurora Academy Charter School stands by its decision. The teacher is still employed. The school declined to discuss any personnel action that was taken.

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