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DENVER — A bill introduced at the Colorado Legislature a week ago that is taking aim at the state’s unpopular red light cameras will be heard on Monday.

State Sen. Scott Renfroe (R-Eaton) is sponsoring the bill that would ban red light cameras at intersections and those equally unpopular photo radar cameras designed to catch drivers speeding.

Technically, the bill eliminates the use of “automated vehicle identification systems for traffic law enforcement.” In other words, this bill is also seeking to ban the use of photo radar to catch speeders in the state as well.

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The bill has already garnered support from both parties in both the Senate and House. This despite the fact that a similar bill was proposed two years ago, and was quickly defeated.

As was the case two years ago, the Colorado Municipal League is once again the bill’s main opponent. However, Renfroe is confident that this run at passing the bill will be a success, insisting there is more support for it this time around.