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DENVER — Coloradans could soon be allowed to use marijuana in the same place they purchase it, under a new bill proposed Friday.

House Bill 1230 would pave the way for legal tasting rooms, beginning in January 2020.

“Just like you have wineries and distilleries where you can purchase and sample products, you should be able to do the same thing with marijuana,” says State Representative Jonathan Singer, a sponsor of the bill.

“It’s basically a bi-partisan bill that says we need to start treating marijuana similar to alcohol,” he says.

Under the bill, hospitality employees would be required to undergo specific training, teaching them how to spot over-consumption.

“It would give us an opportunity to establish if someone has had too much,” says Terrapin Care Station owner Chris Woods.

Woods owns a handful of dispensaries across the state, and says tourists are frequently confused about where they can use cannabis.

“Since hotels don’t legally allow consumption, they’re left with an impossible situation where they buy the product, but don’t have a place to consume the product.”

The bill would also allow hotels, spas, and other businesses to apply for cannabis licenses.

Britton Westendorp-Holland is a budtender at Terrapin Care, and says customers he’s spoken with would welcome the change.

“To be able to actually go to a place in the morning and read a book and smoke a joint and just hangout while having a cup of coffee? That will be nice and relaxing.”

“It’s a law that I feel needs to be worked on,” he added.

A similar bill was vetoed by Governor Hickenlooper last year.

“I’m very optimistic we’ll have a different outcome this year,” says Singer.

A spokesperson for Governor Polis sent this text to FOX31 Monday night.

“The governor will monitor progress on this legislation and will make a decision if the bill makes it to his desk.”