Biggests Dos and Don’ts of Mask Wearing


Whatever your feeling is towards masks, they are a crucial part of our “new normal”. Wherever you go, whatever you do, wearing a mask will likely be mandatory, but also one of the very best ways to protect yourself. More than 30 states have enacted mask requirements in recent weeks, so like it or not, they are not going away anytime soon.

Although the mask has become the star accessory of 2020, and as common as wallets, keys and cell phones, there are still common mistakes people make when wearing a mask. 

Dr. Mary Clifton – Expert on Personal Health & Safety, Member of the Boomer Naturals Advisory Board breaks down the top mask related mistakes include:

1)    Wearing a mask or face cover that isn’t effective

2)    Not fully covering nose and mouth

3)    Wearing a mask longer than it’s intended use

4)    Not cleaning or properly storing the mask

5)    Touching the mask while wearing it

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