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DENVER — We all now know about Denver’s own, Bibi McGill after she stole the half time show at Super Bowl XVLII this past weekend, with her flaming guitar solos on stage with Beyonce.

Bibi began playing drums when she was five but her love for music has turned her into one of the best guitar players in the world.

“She got her start at 15, when a band passing thru Denver needed a guitar player,” said her dad, James McGill. “She played that first gig and the rest is history! Seeing her on stage at the Super Bowl was just over the top for us.”

Bibi is compared to Jimi Hendrix, but she says all she tries to do is be the best she can be.

She has toured with Pink and other artists, but playing with Beyonce is as good as it gets.

Off much of last year because of the diva’s pregnancy, Bibi has just re-signed to be both lead guitarist and band leader for Beyonce’s all girl band. They plan to go to Europe on the tour.

Family and friends in Denver—she went to Manual High and graduated with her music degree from CU—are super proud of the woman who is now also getting into her own business… she makes Bibi’s Kale Chips which are said to be flying off the shelves in her new home town of Portland.

“I make the chips in Hawaii and they are being shipped all over the world,” said the budding chip maker. “I plan to help others eat better while getting in touch with the planet by reducing the carbon footprint we all leave in our wake.”

While Bibi rocks on in the best Hendrix tradition, works on her healthy chips and her yoga business… her family in Denver continues to be proud of their daughter who is making it on the biggest stage of all time!