If your New Year’s Resolution is to get more organized this year, Meredith Galo with BestReviews has some tips to get you off on the right foot.

Galo recommend using a smart planner, it’s a great way to track your progress in various areas. From finances to fitness to personal and professional development, you can have your objectives all in one place.

Writing things down manually may feel analog, but it can help to ensure that you remember the objectives on your to-do lists more easily and effectively.

For those that like to write things manually, but are always on the go, she recommend the Rocketbook so that you can jot things down by hand and still have all of your notes on-the-go, digitally.

What about families that are trying to keep track of their entire household’s schedule? Galo recommend various smart home voice assistants, but especially the Echo Show 15 as it has great features that gives families the option to have a comprehensive calendar to refer to. While it may take a bit to set up, the payoff is that everyone can be on the same page

The Echo Show also serves as a great photo album and note taking device when the calendar isn’t in use. For example, you can have ‘Alexa’ remind you to pick up more paper towels at the store.

The functionality of these smart home devices over the years has increased drastically. A great feature is the ability to have ‘Alexa’ order you products when you’re low. Another great feature is the ability to control your home’s lighting and audio via the Echo Show. You can have routines that have you walk through your front door, which queues the lights to turn on and start to play any music you might like.

Adding workout reminders or a nudge to pack you child’s lunch for school the next day may also be a great idea if you’re looking to be more consistent in a specific area in 2023.

If you’re looking to get organized on how to reach a fitness or personal health goal for 2023, having a water bottle like the LarQ self-cleaning bottle can be great as it both cleans and purifies any water that you fill it up with. This is great for anyone that’s always on the go but wants to increase their water intake.