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DENVER — A beloved artist and art gallery owner that was killed Sunday was remembered by her family and friends on Tuesday through her artwork.

According to Englewood police, Dominique Cain, 33, was driving a red Chevrolet sedan when she hit Nancy Condit near the intersection of South Downing Street and East Cornell Avenue at 1:13 p.m. Sunday. The driver of the Chevy left the scene.

The cyclist was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Condit’s family said she died later that night.

Police apprehended Cain and she is now facing six counts:

  1. Vehicular homicide
  2. Driving an uninsured vehicle
  3. Driving with a suspended license
  4. Failure to observe a traffic signal
  5. Failure to stop and provide information following an accident involving death
  6. Reckless driving

Nancy Condit was an artist and the owner of Sand Dollar Gallery. Nancy and her dad opened the gallery 45 years ago together, filling it with their own water color paintings as well as other artwork that they both created and showcased from other artists.

“Whether she was doing pottery or paintings or making jewelry, I don’t think she knew what she was going to get or knew what the results would be until after she finished the piece. And she lived her life that way. She was hard to catch up to. It was like running around after a little toddler,” said Randy Condit, Nancy’s brother.

His family is devastated by Nancy’s death. Randy Condit said the only bright light in this painful tragedy is realizing how many people Nancy touched, and her lasting legacy.

“She was a friend to a lot of people and very trusting and showed that through her artwork because of the spontaneity and the energy,” said Randy Condit.

He said in the coming months, he’ll re-open the gallery so people can purchase and cherish pieces of Nancy’s art. After all the pieces are sold, the family will host a celebration of her life inside the gallery.

Cain was arrested and booked in jail. She has since posted bond.