Bear gets into car, takes food and toys, leaves muddy evidence


CLEAR CREEK COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A woman in Clear Creek County found a mess left in her vehicle after she says a bear got inside overnight. 

Jerrika McKenna says Thursday morning, she opened her car door to find mud smeared across the seats and tufts of hair. There were also small scratches on the outside of the door. She believes a bear got into her unlocked car in search of food.

“He took one package of ramen noodles I left in the back and he actually took some of my five-year-old’s toys,” said McKenna.

McKenna has lived in a rural part of the county her entire life and is familiar with the wildlife in the area.

“We have three generations of bears around here, all of which I’m lucky I got to watch grow up,” said McKenna.

She says the bear activity has shifted this season due to nearby wildfires and drought. “We haven’t had any berries up here. Animals, especially predatory animals are trying to find alternative sources for food,” said McKenna.

She says the experience serves as a reminder for her to lock her car doors and remove all food. “It’s our responsibility to make sure that we do better next time and that we look to save the bears,” said McKenna.

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