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DENVER (KDVR) — The City of Denver has closed the Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple bar for allowing customers to consume food and drink on the premises.

The bar at 1700 Logan St. is owned by Jay Bianchi whose other bar, Sancho’s Broken Arrow at 741 E. Colfax Ave. was closed April 24th for the same violation.

“Once they got their food or drink they would want to hang out and we would tell them to go away or go find some other place but they still would want to hang out,” Bianchi explained.

When investigative reporter Rob Low asked Bianchi if he was flouting the rules because he needed the money, he responded, “That could be part of it yeah.”

A man who lives across the street from the Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple and reported the bar to city earlier this week.

“There was some people with masks, some without, there was no social distancing whatsoever,” the man said.

The 32-year-old neighbor submitted videos to the city that he shared with the Problem Solvers showing customers clustering near other outside the bar.

“I’m all for companies out there working and making money if they’re doing it the right way but if you’re not doing that, in my opinion that’s akin to murder,” he said.

Bianchi told the Problem Solvers he’ll be allowed to reopen on June 5. “Every time I would apologize to them (City of Denver inspectors) they would say ‘No, no, don’t be sorry, we’re working through this together,’” Bianchi said.

But a spokesperson for the City of Denver said given Bianchi’s history of citations he will need written approval from the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment before he’s allowed to reopen.

“Our customers are very diehard and they wanted to come and see each other and once they saw each other they wanted to embrace each other and they couldn`t maintain the social distance,” Bianchi said.

Colorado has not set a reopening date for restaurants but this week the City of Denver started accepting applications for restaurants that want to operate outdoors and expand table service to their sidewalks and patios.