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DENVER — Two girls from Grand Junction weathering a storm of local and national publicity after one of them was banned from school for shaving her head to support the other with cancer have come to Denver.

The school has since changed its mind and allowed Kamryn Renfro back. But, the 9-year-old didn’t return to class Wednesday.

Instead, she supported her friend, Delaney Clements, at Children’s Hospital in Aurora.

The 11-year-old started chemotherapy for her fourth relapse of stage-four neoblastoma, a rare childhood cancer.

She’s gone through treatment since being diagnosed in October 2010.

Wednesday’s treatment was a little better—thanks to help from a few friends.

“They just wanted to be together and hang out,” said Kamryn’s mom, Jamie Renfro.

“With them there, it makes it more fun and I actually have more to do than just lying in a bed all day,” she laughed.

“They can sit in a hospital room for six to seven hours and not blink an eye when it comes to her therapy,” said Delaney’s mom, Wendy Campbell.

Kamryn’s decision to shave her head led to her suspension for violating the dress code policy.  When news of the suspension was reported across the country it unleashed a wave of criticism against the charter school.

“I think it’s really dumb that they have that stupid policy,” said Kamryn.

The school then did an about-face Tuesday allowing Kamryn to go back to class.
But she’s waiting until she helps her best bud once again.

“These kids taught adults a lesson–that caring and compassion is far greater than what the hair on your head is doing,” said Campbell.

“Bald is beautiful and your hair doesn’t tell your personality,” said Delaney.

Now, their focus is on Delaney—and her recurring battle against a disease that’s inhabited her body since she was seven.

“That’s the silver lining, Delaney got love and support from all over the country and so many people are hoping and praying for her now. There’s no doubt she’s going to it beat this,” said Renfro.

The girls say their next goal is to get Kamryn’s school to rewrite its policy regarding shaved heads altogether—so the next person showing solidarity with a sick friend doesn’t get in trouble too.