Back on Course with 27J school district on their plan to return to school


As the summer winds down and parents and students prepare for a new school year, Fox31 News and Channel 2 News are inviting various metro Denver school district’s Superintendents to share their plans for the new school year.

27J Superintendent, Dr. Chris Fiedler shares what his district plans for the upcoming school year.

Below are the initial recommendations from CDPHE for return to school guidance 2021.  Additional bullets clarify how 27J Schools will support the implementation of this guidance:

  • Vaccines: 27J Schools encourages all  staff and families to get vaccinated.  Please visit our website at for a list of local vaccine sites.  The only way to ensure that your student has a COVID interruption free year from school and activities is by getting the vaccine.
  • 27J School Staff will be required to provide vaccination status.
  • Students who are 12 years and older will be asked to volunteer their vaccination through the IC parent portal.  This may be helpful in the event of an outbreak or quarantine.
  • Masking: Fully vaccinated people can go without masks in 27J Schools and properties. Unvaccinated students or adults over the age of 12 should continue to wear face masks while at school. All students and staff are required to wear masks on school buses. In general, students and staff do not need to wear masks outside during gym or recess, but are encouraged to do so in crowded outdoor settings if they are not vaccinated and levels of virus transmission are high.
  • All 27J Schools’ staff will be wearing a mask if they have not been fully vaccinated.
  • Masks are recommended — but not required — for students,  families and the public who are not vaccinated, which includes all children under 12. This is the same rule as the rest of our state and county, and we believe our families have the responsibility to make the protective decision for their student based on vaccination status and personal circumstances.
  • Any student and staff member may choose to wear a mask even if they have been fully vaccinated, and we will ensure a safe and inclusive school environment that promotes this personal choice.
  • Distancing: 27J Schools will continue to keep students three feet apart in the classroom when possible.  We will continue to limit student contacts with other students outside of their immediate class or cohort of classes.
  • 27J Schools will still cohort students.  These cohorts will be much larger than they were last year. Cohorts will protect us from closing an entire school in the event of an outbreak which is 5 or more positives in a class or cohort in 14 days.
  • Health Screening: 27J Schools will continue to ask all students and staff to self-screen, and care enough about our 27J community to remain home if symptoms of COVID-19 are present.  We would also request that you contact your student’s school to inform them of any symptoms.  Paying attention to the COVID symptoms and COVID cases is the most important action that we can ask of our community.  Please stay home if any symptoms are present.
  • 27J Schools remains committed to ensuring staff and students with symptoms stay home.  Students and staff with symptoms will remain home until symptoms resolve, or get a test, before returning to school.
  • Isolation of Positive Students and Staff: 27J Schools will continue to require any student or staff member who tests positive for COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status to isolate at home for 10 days before returning to school or work.
  • Quarantining: Students and staff who are fully vaccinated and do not have COVID symptoms do not need to quarantine or get tested after they are exposed to someone with the virus. People who are not fully vaccinated should still quarantine after a recent exposure.
  • 27J Schools will inform your student and family of a possible exposure.
  • It will be your family decision, informed by the health and wellness of your student and their vaccination status that quarantines a student.
  • There may still be mandatory quarantining in the event of an outbreak with multiple covid positive individuals within a cohort.
  • Building ventilation: 27J Schools will continue to ensure that classrooms are well ventilated in order to reduce spread of COVID.
  • Cleaning: 27J Schools will follow the recommendations of the CDC and clean their buildings once a day to remove any potential virus from surfaces.
  • Personal Hygiene: Students and staff will continue to promote and reinforce good hand and respiratory hygiene.

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