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AURORA, Colo. — The city of Aurora said Monday that it will pay $2.6 million to the family of an unarmed black man who was shot to death by a city police officer in March 2015.

The family of Naeschylus Vinzant will receive the largest settlement in the city’s history. No lawsuit was ever filed.

Vinzant was killed March 6, 2015 by officer Paul Jerothe, who fired one shot as SWAT officers tried to serve an arrest warrant. Police said Vinzant had removed an ankle bracelet that was part of his parole conditions.

A grand jury unanimously determined no criminal charges were appropriate.

Jerothe was assigned to an administrative position and Aurora police chief Nick Metz said the department is working to determine what his next assignment will be.

“Many reforms have been implemented to include the creation of a compliance and professional standards division to research, review and develop (police) policies and procedures,” Metz said at a news conference.

He said there has been the development of a tier system for reporting officer-involved use of force and the creation of a force review board to look at uses of force.

“Loss of life is always tragic and has lasting consequences for family, friends and neighbors,” City Manager Skip Noe said. “We all believe this settlement is in the best interest of the family and the city.”