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DENVER — For the past two years Tom Sullivan did not know where the man who killed his son was being incarcerated.

Sullivan lost his son Alex in the Aurora theater shooting five years ago.

Some people may find the information trivial but Sullivan says it provides comfort and peace.

“This is what wakes people up from nightmares, they are reliving the sights and the sounds,” Sullivan said.

“When you try to comfort those individuals be it a spouse, a parent something like that … you have to be able to tell them this is where he is, he is not getting out,” Sullivan added.

Late Wednesday FOX31 confirmed the shooter — James Holmes — has been transferred to a federal site in Pennsylvania — to Allenwood.

Previously the state kept the information private to protect Holmes as well as security guards. Because Holmes is now in a federal prison, the federal government released the information.

The Allenwood federal correctional complex offers various levels of security. Holmes is at USP Allenwood, a high security penitentiary. He’s with about 800 other male inmates.

“Relief for the victims was the first thing that I felt,” District Attorney George Brauchler, who prosecuted the case said.

“There are three levels – low, medium, high.  He is going to be in the high one, it doesn’t look like its solitary confinement but it does look like its confining or restricting,” Brauchler said.

“But remember this is a guy who hates people, for him to be distant from other people in prison this is like Disneyland for this guy,” Brauchler added.

Brauchler, who is running for Governor, hopes Holmes one day would be transferred to a site in Colorado.

In fact Sullivan hopes for that too.

“I hope some day we can move him back from PA and he can live in the Florence facility and sit next to Ted Kaczynski  and the rest of them,” Sullivan said.

The federal prison in Florence, Colorado is a maximum security facility also known as Supermax.