Guns, ammo used in theater tragedy in high demand

Aurora Theater Shooting
Weapons at sporting goods store

Weapons at sporting goods store

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DENVER -- Demand for the type of guns, ammunition and 100 round capacity drum used by suspect, James Holmes, is on the rise.

FOX31 Denver has learned the weapons and ammo Holmes used to commit the Aurora theater massacre are in high demand.  Many gun dealers are sold out of the 100 round capacity drum and said sales increased after the deadly mass shooting.

We know Holmes bought 6,000 rounds of AR-15 ammo online from

A drum magazine capable of carrying 100 bullets, for rapid fire shooting.

He bought four guns from two Colorado sporting goods stores, and “swat team” style tactical gear from the website,

We wanted to know if anyone would question us if we bought the same items from the same stores.

So we went shopping Neve’s Police Uniforms in Denver.

Owner Terry Neve showed us the type of gear Holmes was reportedly wearing according to Aurora police chief Dan Oates: a bullet proof vest with throat and groin protectors, a ballistic helmet and leg guards. Investigative reporter Heidi Hemmat asked Neve, “How much would all this cost?” Neve replied, “About $7,000.00."

But Neve wouldn’t let us buy it, not because it’s against the law but because it’s his policy not to sell to civilians. “Obviously we don`t want them to fall into the hands of the wrong people,“ he told us.

But we didn’t run into any problems with our online ammo purchase from “”

The AR-15 bullets arrived in just three days.

Then we sent our producer, Chris, into “Gander Mountain” in Aurora, the same sporting goods store where Holmes bought his AR-15.

The salesperson encouraged Chris to buy it as soon as possible, “better get 'em while you can,” he said.

The salesperson told Chris the gun was flying off the shelves and he was getting the last one, “I don`t know how many more-if we are going to get anymore in awhile because of everything that's going on,” he said.

Chris showed a driver’s license, and filled out a form with his name, address and social security number. Within an hour Chris' background check was completed, and his AR-15 was ready to pick up.

Then we went back online and ordered a 100 round drum magazine for our AR-15, the accessory that allowed Holmes to shoot as many people, as fast as possible before it reportedly jammed.

It was supposed to arrive the next day, but it never came. We contacted the company selling it and we were told the theater massacre had “increased sales,” and the high capacity drum was on back order. We checked several other websites and found the 100 drum “sold out.”

Colorado Congresswoman Diana DeGette is pushing for a ban on high capacity magazine clips, “we cannot understand why anybody needs to own a clip which hold 100 rounds of ammunition,” she said.

But Dudley Brown with The Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Association said there’s no reason to outlaw assault rifles, or high capacity clips, “There are a lot of people who own AR-15’s who don’t commit any crimes, of course.”

When asked if buying 6,000 rounds of ammo should raise any red flags, he said, “I call 6,000 rounds, running low.”

Still, it appears gun stores and dealers are feeling the heat. That may be why a Gander Mountain salesperson told our producer Chris, “the legal folks are trying to come down hard on all gun laws and stuff and having an assault rifle even for sale is about to be a big pain in the butt so better get ‘em while you can.”

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