Aurora students receive free bike helmets from CU Hospital

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AURORA, Colo. — Our warmer weather has many kids getting out their bikes and hitting the road.

Safety experts say parents need to make sure they have one key piece of equipment: a helmet.

Thanks to the University of Colorado Hospital, students at Fletcher Primary School in Aurora will be well armed against injury after receiving a lesson in safety from medical school students.

After learning that just one fall can damage your brain, third grader Luis Padilla told us he’ll always wear a helmet.

“You have to wear a helmet because if you fall off your bike you might get hurt,” said Luis.

Future doctor Corey Dobson organized the event and emphasizes that parents need to take bike safety seriously.

“We think that a 25 to 30-dollar helmet can have a huge impact on preventing major injuries,” Dobson told us.

School Principal Jennifer Kimpson says there’s another benefit to having med students visit the school.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity for students to be exposed to young people out there pursuing their dreams of becoming medical professionals,” says Kimpson.

The University of Colorado Hospital donated 300 free bike helmets to the school so students could take them home.

Safety experts say each year, almost 400,000 children ages fourteen and under are taken to emergency rooms for bicycle-related injuries. Helmets can cut that risk by as much as 80-percent.

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