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AURORA, Colo. — An Aurora school board member accused of lying about his military, criminal and educational record refused to step down Tuesday night.

The board president, Amber Drevon, asked the superintendent for a comprehensive review of Nelson’s allegedly false credentials.

“Legal counsel really needs to give us a detailed what is the authority, and what kinds of things and in what manner can the board do,” she said.

But the board can’t outright fire him. The name of the school on Nelson’s supposed diploma is misspelled, and there are problems with his criminal and military background.

“Despite all of the other allegations, I have no intention of resigning from this board. People of Aurora elected me to do this job and that’s exactly what I’m gonna’ do,” Nelson said Tuesday night.

Nelson is not just a school board member, he’s also running for a seat in the state house.

The Colorado Democratic Party has asked him to withdraw his candidacy, based in part on the allegedly forged diploma from Northwest Nazarene University, which Nelson sent to a reporter.

“He sent forged documents to a reporter. If you were to send forged documents to a government official that would be a felony,” State Rep. Alec Garnett said.

But Nelson isn’t budging on that either. He does not intend to drop out of the campaign.

Meanwhile the Aurora School Board is hearing a lot of comments from voters.

“A lot of anger, a lot of disbelief, a lot of people are upset,” Drevon said.

The board has to take time and spend money to figure out if it can get rid of Nelson.

“I’m very disappointed but I’m disappointed that this is taking away from the important work,” Drevon said.