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DENVER — Pot with a purpose. Thanks to the booming marijuana industry, those in need the most have some more resources at their disposal. A new homeless center in Aurora came together with the help of cannabis.

It`s not called a shelter, but a resource center and that`s on purpose.

Organizers want this place to be a little different, they want it to have purpose, they want it to provide some hope for these people, and it`s all thanks to tax revenue from marijuana sales.

An old police department gym in Aurora is now the Aurora Day Resource Center. The center’s volunteer coordinator, Stephanie Kok, calls it “a place of promise.”

It’s a place for people like Kim Prentice.

“I`m here because I was sleeping at Washington Park in the bathroom and the woman came by and felt sorry for me and had a place for me to go, because a person should not be sleeping in the park in a bathroom even though they`re homeless,” Prentice said.

The center is a new facility opened on Monday. Inside guests can get a meal, clean shower, and various resources.

“They’re forced to sleep in parks or, hang out basically anywhere they can, so they develop this ‘I have no place or sense of belonging,’” Kok said.

During the day when so many places are kicking these people out, the day center wants them in.

Right now nobody is sleeping in this facility. Come winter when the temperature starts to drop they`ll open it up as an overflow facility. If you want to volunteer or help the center with supplies email Stephanie Kok.