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AURORA, Colo. — The dog that Aurora Animal Control says might be a wolf hybrid won’t be able to return home for at least another week.

On Wednesday, the family’s court battle was pushed back by a judge.

The dog, Capone, has lived with the family for 10 years and has been at the shelter for more than two weeks.

The family asked the judge if the dog can return home with them until the results of a DNA test are known.

The test was sent to UC Davis about two weeks ago. It’s not known when the results will be known.

The Abbato family adopted Capone from the Adams County Animal Shelter. He was classified as a German shepherd mix. The family’s veterinarian said the same thing.

But when Aurora Animal Control picked him up when he escaped from the family’s yard, officials classified him as part wolf based on his behavior and appearance.

“I am 100 percent confident he is not a wolf, not a doubt in my mind,” said Capone’s owner, Tracy Abbato. “It’s hard for me. It’s hard for my kids. He’s a family member. We’ve had him for almost 10 years. We miss him.”

If the test shows Capone is a wolf hybrid, he would be sent to a wolf sanctuary or euthanized because most cities, including Aurora, and counties ban hybrids.

“I don’t understand. This dog has a loving, caring home. People who abuse dogs, leave them outside in 2-degree weather, how do they still have their dogs?”

Abbato faces violations of animal running at large, keeping an aggressive animal and keeping an exotic/wild animal.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with attorney’s fees.