Aurora family gets holiday help after talking to Problem Solvers

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AURORA, Colo. — After being forced out of their home twice this year, an Aurora family has something to celebrate this Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve celebrations for the Hawkins family of Aurora were looking at a very bleak holiday when the FOX31 Problem Solvers brought you their story earlier this week.

Now in the best of the holiday spirit their sadness has been turned to joy.

“I’m so happy you just if you could see inside I’m doing cartwheels,” said Alfrieda Hawkins, who with her daughter and two grand kids were forced from their home twice this year.

First when it was struck by fire in March and then flooded by a broken sewer pipe a few weeks ago when they moved back in.

“They needed a break and I wanted to do whatever I could to help them out,” said Ed Cardenas.

He and his company Palace Restoration and Construction decided to help the family out a second time after earlier repairing their fire damage.

First his four daughters bought the family Christmas presents.

“We knew we could get the community to help us help another family,” said Marissa Cardenas, “We felt like it was right and it was a great way to spread the Christmas spirit.”

“I was raised that way and I raised my daughters that way and they came to me and said dad and asked me can we go help this family and I said definitely you know we can,” said her dad.

When he learned of their broken 64 year old sewer line Ed asked FOX31 Problem Solvers if we could help out.

It’s now being replaced for free by Discount Rooter.

“When we saw the news story we just decided to help out,” said Discount Rooters owner Blaine Burnham.

“And this is what we do for a living and I always believe you’re supposed to give back to the community when given the opportunity and especially when people are in crisis.”

Taken altogether the work would be tens of thousands of dollars this family couldn’t afford and they wouldn’t be in their home for the holidays

“You forget people are like that,” said Alfrieda Hawkins.

“I’ve learned that people are like that,” she said welling up with tears.

“And I’m sorry it just makes me kind of shaky inside because it’s like so overwhelmingly great!”

“We were in there all teared up,” said Blaine’s wife Jana Burnham.

“Because we watched the kids opening the gifts who might not have had a chance to do that otherwise,” .

“Christmas shouldn’t be about stressed out and struggling,” said Ed Cardenas.

“It should be happiness and I wanted to give them that happiness and I think I did.”

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