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AURORA, Colo. — The Aurora City Council passed a resolution Monday night declaring it is not a so-called sanctuary city.

The resolution said the city, the third largest in the state, intends to cooperate with all federal immigration laws and agencies.

The move is a reaction to the Trump administration’s warning, saying cities that did not cooperate will risk losing federal funding. The resolution passed, 6-4.

“Aurora intends to continue to comply with all constitutional and lawful federal immigration laws and regulations, and will continue its practice of nonobstruction with regard to Immigration and Customs Enforcement efforts to enforce federal immigration laws and regulations,” the resolution reads.

Videos recently surfaced of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arresting two men after a court appearance in Denver.

Officials in Denver have objected to arrests in so-called sensitive locations such as a courthouse, leading to the perception that the city provides sanctuary to people living in the country illegally.

The Monday night vote is designed to dispel the same label for Aurora.

On Tuesday night, the Longmont City Council will review is policies and practices regarding undocumented immigrants.