AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — One city leader in Aurora is offering her take on the promotion and past incident involving Aurora Police Detective Nate Meier.

In a policy meeting on Thursday, at-large Aurora City Council member Danielle Jurinsky said Meier should decline the promotion.

“The right thing to do, Nate Meier, would be to turn down this promotion,” Jurinsky said. “But of course, that is up to you.”

Jurinsky calls the 2019 incident, in which Meier was found, passed out and drunk behind the wheel of an unmarked APD car, a “black eye over this department.”

Meier was recently promoted to the position of agent-detective receiving a $10,000 raise.

Due to a technicality in Aurora’s city charter, Meier was eligible to accept the promotion because any disciplinary action for this incident occurred more than two years ago.

Meier was allowed to keep his job and was never charged with a crime.

“It’s very unfortunate how the entire situation was handled in the first place,” Jurinsky said.

Interim Aurora Police Chief Art Acevedo said he wants to work with city leaders to discuss ways to change rules to grant him more options when handling promotions within the department personally.