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GOLDEN, Colo. (KDVR) — As President Donald Trump fights the coronavirus in the hospital, hundreds of supporters in Colorado hit the roads on the Front Range Saturday.

Community members drove their trucks, cars and motorcycles 124 miles across the state. Many vehicles toting flags and signage in support of President Donald Trump.

The event was called MAGA Drag the Interstate Colorado. Attendees tell FOX31 it was planned weeks ago but the last 24 hours took on much new meaning for this ride.

“With Trump in the hospital with COVID and diagnosed with COVID it’s really great we can be out here to support him at this time,” attendee and President Trump supporter Tink Johnson said, adding “We’re all praying he gets better, hoping we can show our support for him and the first lady out here showing everyone else our support for the president.”

The 124 mile route started Saturday morning in Henderson where attendees said they met with others, prayed and recited the Pledge of Allegiance before taking off. 

“There was over 500 cars, it was so awesome. I didn’t expect it,” Johnson said. 

The route looped along several highways and major interstates ending in Golden.

“This is a great thing, stay in your car, social distance and you are protected,” attendee and supporter Cindy LoCricchio said. 

LoCricchio said the support along the road was meaningful to her. She also said people on the road showed their opposition with gestures and chants as well.