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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — An arrest warrant was issued for embattled Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, who is accused of trying to block a search warrant when she was detained on Feb. 8, according to police reports.

The Grand Junction Police Department released a redacted arrest warrant affidavit issued in the matter of “The People of The State of Colorado v. Tina Peters.” The document states that just before 11 a.m. on the morning of Feb. 8, investigators with the Mesa County District Attorney’s (DA) Office requested assistance for a person obstructing their execution of a search warrant at Main Street Bagels in downtown Grand Junction.

When GJPD officers arrived on scene, DA investigators were in a “heated discussion” with a group of people occupying a table inside the business. A DA Investigator advised officers he had probable cause to charge a female with felony “Tampering with Physical Evidence.”

Investigators were speaking with a man, whose name was redacted from the report, asking if he was in possession of an iPad that was the subject of a search warrant issued by Judge Gretchen Larson. Investigators focused on the man because he was “preventing access to the table by the DA Investigators.” The iPad in question was then passed around between patrons seated at the table.

Tina Peters then stood between officers and the male suspect, obstructing officers access to him.

The affidavit states the reporting officer then took Peters by the arm and tried to move her in the direction of other responding officers. At that time, Tina Peters began “actively resisting and was placed in handcuffs for obstructing officers.” The affidavit says officers repeatedly told Peters to not resist.

It reads that at one point, Peters attempted to kick one of the officers, but missed. Instead, she made contact with the officer’s taser and magazine pouch.

Peters was then taken outside and advised she was under arrest. As Peters continued to yell at officers that they were “hurting her,” officers continued to advise her she was under arrest for “Obstruction.”

At one point, an unidentified female who was recording the interaction was asked to step back while an officer searched Peters. According to the report, Peters then tried to whisper something in the ear of the female who was recording.

After the officer completed the search, officers took Peters to a patrol vehicle. Once she was placed inside “and out of view of the multiple people recording this interaction on cell phones the suspect calmed down immediately.” Peters then stated responding officers were “assisting a Merrick Garland.”

DA Investigators informed GJPD officers the DA had potential charges related to “Tampering with Physical Evidence and Obstruction” they wished to pursue. In an attempt to not duplicate charges, the DA Investigators asked that GJPD not charge Peters separately. Investigators stated that the DA’s Office would consider charges separately.

During the search, a silver iPad in a white case was seized. An investigator from the DA’s Office then explained to Peters he was taking the iPad in accordance with the search warrant. Peters denied the iPad was hers, saying instead, it belonged to a Tammy Bailey.

The DA Investigator then asked GJPD to release Peters.

After Tina Peters left the location, the affidavit states GJPD officers learned the DA’s Office would not be filing charges.

Feb. 9, based on the responding officer’s request, a judge issued an arrest warrant for Peters citing a charge of “Obstruction of a Peace Officer,” a second-degree misdemeanor. The charge carries a bond amount of $500.