Armed pro-Trump protest planned outside Colorado Capitol building


DENVER (KDVR) — The FBI is issuing a warning about armed protests outside state capitol buildings in all 50 states in the days leading up to the Presidential inauguration.

Colorado law enforcement authorities, including Colorado State Patrol, say they are aware of the possible activity and will be ready, especially in light of what happened at the U.S. Capitol last week.

“We’ve gotten a crash course on how to deal with interesting situations on a moments notice. The good news is, we’re more prepared than we’ve ever been,” said Murphy Robinson, Denver’s Director of Public Safety.

On the day of the attempted insurrection in Washington, D.C., a peaceful protest was held outside the state capitol in Colorado.

Nancy Arciva was there with her 14 year-old son Jared.

“We wanted to attend because we believe we have a voice,” Nancy explained. “It was pretty awesome,” added Jared.

The two were attending their first political rally together.

“He’s learning a lot,” Arciva said.

The two now plan on returning to the Capitol on Sunday for an armed protest that is being planned by Trump supporters.

“We will be there supporting Trump. If something gets out of hand, we’ll leave,” Arciva said.

Organizers of the rallies are calling the collective, nationwide rally the largest armed protest ever to be held on American soil, although they’re promising the rallies will stay peaceful and will not mimic what happened in Washington, D.C.

Regardless, Denver’s Director of Public Safety says law enforcement will be ready.

“My hope is it’s a calm protest and we won’t have to be involved,” Robinson said.

Robinson is reminding Coloradans that it’s illegal to open carry in Denver and residents can only carry concealed if they have a permit.

“If we catch you carrying a firearm illegally you will be arrested and you will be ticketed,” Robinson said.

Arciva says she’ll be ready to leave if the peaceful protest devolves into violence.

“I’m worried there will be more violence and that things will get worse,” she said.

“If it comes to our city you’ll be dealt with and arrested and charged in every capacity we can charge you. Let’s be the example in the nation of what a true community is,” Robinson said.

As more protests are planned across the country, the FBI urges residents to stay vigilant. If you are at a gathering and notice something suspicious, or if you see something online report it immediately. Call 303-629-7171, or go on-line at

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