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Tempe, AZ (KPHO) — When the authorities, friends and other volunteers couldn’t find Jack Culolias this December, his family called an outside group for help. 

Within hours of arriving at the riverbed near Tempe Marketplace, where Culolias was last seen, those searchers from FindMe found the 19-year-old’s body.

“As soon as we came down in this area, the dog alerted, pulled the handler towards the water and there was the body right there,” said FindMe founder Kelly Snyder.

FindMe not only uses former law enforcement officers and trained search dogs with their handlers, but also more than 100 psychics from around the world.

CBS 5 News asked Snyder to demonstrate how they did it.

Dan Baldwin works with a map and a pendulum. Treyce Montoya uses her intuition. Both have accuracy rates far higher than pure chance, Snyder said. They were just two of those who pinpointed the location of Culolias’ body. 

“In this particular case, I got out my pendulum and asked for specific directions,” Baldwin said. “Is he north of the theatre? South of the theatre?” 

Baldwin said micro-muscles in his finger move the pendulum. But they move it in the direction of his subconscious mind. 

“It works,” he said. “I know it works from repeated personal experience.”

Baldwin was also part of the search team that found another missing student nearly two years ago. Willie Jigba disappeared in January 2011. After two weeks his family called FindMe. Days after taking the case, the group notified authorities that they had found his body in Tempe Town Lake. 

Snyder, who is a retired DEA and U.S. Customs agent, sends identical information about a case to several of his psychics on the team. They use their various abilities, such as channeled information, dowsing, card readings, etc., and report their results back to him. Snyder then compiles the data to find the most pieces that match each other.

Snyder said FindMe will only work on missing persons cases if police or families contact him. There is a never a charge, and all of their information is made available to investigators. 

The FindMe website has multiple comments from family members and police officers who believe in what the group does.

“We have vetted psychics, psychics who have been doing this all their lives,” Snyder said. “We want to enhance what the police already do.”

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