Longtime Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy suspected of DUI while on duty

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ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. — A longtime Arapahoe County sheriff’s deputy was arrested last month on suspicion of driving under the influence after arriving for a shift smelling of alcohol, the sheriff’s office said.

Deputy Jeffrey Vincent, 44, was arrested Jan. 3 after another deputy said he “smelled alcohol” on Vincent’s breath, sheriff’s office spokeswoman Julie Brooks said. Other indications led the deputy to believe Vincent was under the influence of alcohol.

The deputy notified a supervisor and Vincent, who has worked for the sheriff’s office since August 1999, was taken to an administrative area.

Vincent was then booked on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and prohibited use of a weapon. The weapons charge is based on the allegation that he was armed while under the influence.

Brooks said Vincent started his shift about 7 a.m. and drove an inmate from one building of the Arapahoe County Justice Center to another to be booked.

About an hour later, the deputy “believed he smelled the (odor) of alcohol and he notified a supervisor immediately,” according to court records. Vincent had driven to the justice center in his private vehicle.

Vincent, who works in court services, was released to a relative on a summons, which is typically done for individuals when the sheriff’s office does not have concerns about someone showing up to court, are cooperative and there are no aggravating circumstances, Brooks said.

Vincent was suspended without pay until a resolution of the case, Brooks said.

“We commend our employees who took immediate and appropriate action to notify a supervisor of deputy Vincent’s suspected impairment,” Brooks said. “They did the right thing in what was certainly a difficult circumstance involving both a friend and colleague.”



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