BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — A higher-than-average snowpack has been good to ski areas around the state.

The latest round of snowfall was a welcome sight for the Eldora Ski Mountain Resort, which will close for the season on Sunday.

“Snow coverage was decent all year long, we never got a big, whopping storm but we had a great, consistent coverage, two to three inches every couple of days,” Sam Bass, at Eldora, said.

That was enough snowfall to mark the end of a good year at the ski resort.

“It was better than last year,” Bass said. “I think we ended up totaling about 200 inches, just over 200 inches this year. Last year was a little closer to 150.”

The state saw 130% more snowpack than usual, all of it amounting to a longer-than-usual ski season, Eldora included.

“We opened earlier than we thought we were going to be able to because we had some nice, cold weather and we were able to make some snow,” Bass said.

This latest round of April snowfall capped off their ski season.

“Everybody who came yesterday was treated to this, just a beautiful day of storm skiing,” Bass said, “every track you left got filled in by the time you took the next run, you came back and it was fresh powder again.”

If you want to hit the slopes at Eldora on Sunday, their lifts will start spinning at 8:30 a.m. and stop around 4 p.m.