DENVER (KDVR) — The power was restored to a local apartment complex Wednesday evening after being off since Sunday, but residents and business tenants are still frustrated by how the ordeal was handled.

The electrical system at 1515 Flats near Sloan’s Lake was damaged severely by water. They were able to get the power back on around 6 p.m. Wednesday using generators.

Sofia Johnson, a 1515 Flats resident, spoke with FOX31 about some of her frustrations prior to the restoration.

“The garage is not secured, the door is open. There have been non-residents loitering in the garage, which is a concern, and there’s no air conditioning. There’s no hot water.”

She said she understands things happen but feels there was a lack of communication and outreach to residents.

“What’s going to be done to really rectify it for the residents, you know? Rent in Denver is expensive, and we have a lot of great amenities, which are of course a privilege. But I think we have the right to feel safe and secure in our own homes,” Johnson said. “It just feels like if they were living here and dealing with this on a daily basis, would it get solved a lot sooner?”

1515 Flats management responds

1515 Flats management sent FOX31 the statement below regarding the outage and frustrations from residents.

“Our first priority is the safety and health of the 1515 Flats residents and we are working as quickly as possible to restore power to the building. On Sunday night, a power outage impacted our residents and retail tenants. Since then, we have been working diligently and urgently in collaboration with contractors and Xcel to restore power to the property. Our electrical system was severely damaged by water. Generators arrived Tuesday night. We are working to install generators to power the whole building as soon as possible. We hope to have power fully restored via the generators by Thursday morning. We recognize that our residents have been inconvenienced and we are actively exploring the best options to ensure our residents are satisfied with the level of service at the property.”

1515 Flats, Cardinal Group