This week on Animal House, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald talks about Dachshund. Specifically the Long-backed and short-legged, the Miniature Long Haired Dachshund. It is said that it’s possibly the most glamorous of the Mini Dachshund types, with a shining, silky coat that is straight or with a slight wave.

This is a strong-minded and independent little dog whose natural inclination is to take on the world, and they are totally confident they will win! Clever and quick to learn, but not easy to motivate, the Mini Long Haired Dachshund requires a patient owner with a sense of humor and the time to dedicate to good socialisation and on-going training, entertainment and activity.

Not inclined to warm to strangers quickly, they do adore their owners and family, though are likely to bond more strongly with just one person.