Our favorite Veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald joins us every Monday to share his knowledge when it comes to our pets.

This week he is joined by former Daybreak morning anchor, Angie Austin and her adorable Pomeranians. Angie rescued a Pomeranian not knowing it was pregnant and recently gave birth to litter of puppies.

These adorable little Pomeranians has been called the ideal companion and have been a favorite by many pet owners. The glorious coat, smiling, foxy face, and vivacious personality have helped make the Pom one of the world’s most popular toy breeds. 

Pomeranians are easily trained and make fine watchdogs and perky pets for families with children old enough to know the difference between a toy dog and a toy. Poms are active but can be exercised with indoor play and short walks, so they are content in both the city and suburbs.

If you would like to know about these Pomeranians and possibly adopt them, check out Rocky Mountain Pomeranians.