Easter is right around the corner and many families do consider rabbits as pets. In fact, they are the 3rd most popular pet in American homes with 6.2 million pet rabbits in U.S. homes.

Our Anima House expert, Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald says rabbits do make great pets and their popularity soar around Easter, which is not always a good idea. Dr. Fitzgerald says many rabbits are relinquished right after being adopted for Easter and end up unwanted in shelters.

According to Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, no animal should ever be a fad buy or impulse buy, these are living creatures that need clean, sociable and loving homes.

The life expectancy for pet rabbits are 5 to 15 years and there are over 60 rabbit breeds. Many rabbits can be obtained from shelters and rescues, but Dr. Fitzgerald encourages everyone to educated yourself on these rabbits before becoming a owner.

If you do decided to take one on as a pet, they are very playful and affectionate creatures.