Every Monday we’re thrilled to have our favorite veterinarian join us to share his knowledge about our four legged pets.

This week it’s all about reptiles as pets. According to Dr. Fitzgerald, since the pandemic, pet ownership is up 20% in the United States. One of those pets include retiles, nearly 4.5 million reptiles are kept in American homes.

Pet reptiles are either born in captivity or wild caught. This little guy is an African Spurred Tortoise that Dr. Kevin found wandering in a park.

The tortoise was about 3 months old when he was found. It’s originally from the Sahara Desert in Africa and live 50 to 60 years and can weigh up to 100 pounds. The African Spurred Tortoise or Sulcata Tortoise is endangered in nature and are more found in captivity then in the wild.

If you are considering a tortoise or any type of reptile as a pet, please consider there are special necessary requirements including: diet, humidity, temperature requirements, special housing and they can have a long life expectancy. This should not be an impulse buy.