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Every week our favorite Veterinarian shares with us some unique and amazing animals. This week, this hairy creature is not one many would want as a pet, but she does draw in a large crowd.

You can meet Rosie the Tarantula at the Butterfly Pavilion. The new Spider Pavilion will open at the Butterfly Pavilion Friday October 15th and will feature orb-weaving-spiders in an encasement within the Wings of the Tropic butterfly section at the facility.

Rosie comes from the Atacama Desert in Chile. Chilean rose hair tarantulas live in a burrow under the ground, which is cool and safe. Because rose hair tarantulas are used to living in a dark, quiet burrow, they are very gentle animals and make for a great ambassador for arachnids. Over Butterfly Pavilion’s 25 years of operation, Rosie has been held by over 3 million guests!