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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. — Investigators announced Wednesday there will be no criminal charges in the Lower North Fork wildfire.

The prescribed burn that exploded out of control, killed three people and damaged or destroyed more than two dozen homes happened as a result of a number of bad things happening at once, and not as a result of criminal activity.

Residents of the area that caught fire attended a town hall meeting. It was polite on the surface, but anger simmers among people… they’re mad because the reports don’t place any blame the fire.

They had a chance to voice some of their concerns, and officials expressed their sympathy. But that doesn’t mean a whole lot to the people who lost everything in the fire.

They’re still looking for answers about how the decisions were made to move forward with a prescribed burn during the driest March on record.

Four days after the prescribed burn, a warm and windy day fanned hot spots that remained, and within hours the fire had spread to 4,000 acres, destroying homes and lives as it raced through a neighborhood.