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GOLDEN, Colo. — A Colorado landmark is shutting down after more than three decades as the alpine slide at Heritage Square celebrated its final day in Golden on Sunday.

The first rider taken on the slide was 36 years ago, in 1979. Now after more than 5 million rides, Sunday was a celebration with some sadness.

“Today has been a mixture of people really enjoying themselves and a little bit of sadness because it is a piece of many people’s family heritage,” Heritage Square public relations manager Rhonda Sheya said. “They come up here year after year after year and they bring their children and their grandchildren, but everything changes I guess.”

The slide has brought many memories and smiles to its riders who said one final goodbye.

“We’ve had people get married going down the slide. We’ve had all kinds of things over the years,” Sheya said.

The slide was more memorable for some than others.

“My husband actually worked here as a teenager back in the day so he was the one who kind of got us hooked,” said one rider along with her daughter.

But all riders agreed it will be missed.

“It’s really sad. The whole Heritage Square park and especially the alpine slide is a really big deal for the Golden area, and to have it be gone forever is hard to imagine so we had to come up for the last day,” she said.

Heritage Square management made a financial decision to close the slide and the shops, but the amusement park will remain open.